mba 13" 2012 (8gb) to mbpR 13" - should i?

Hi ladies/gents,

I am contemplating an upgrade from my 2012 13" mba (with 8gb ram) to 13" mbp+Retina (which also has 8gb ram). Now Nilay killed it on the review but I am wondering if anyone else has upgraded to it from their Air's. I am a web content/graphics enthusiast so I do not need the extra uuumph of the 15". My most critical requirement is a beautiful high quality/res screen running 4-5 photoshop screen simultaneously, but if the performance undercuts that advantage I would rather stay away.

With the friday sale coming around (nov. 23rd) I really wanted to get your feedback before I make the leap.

Impatiently waiting for some good input!