Is the laptop of my dreams out there?

The laptop of my dreams isn't the most high preforming laptop out there. I want something that is moderatley good, and perfect for my needs.

What do I want?

Great screen, Great keyboard, Great touchpad, rather slim, not too heavy (under or around 2kg), pretty fast for general tasks.

All this is because what I am doing with my laptop is not really much more than writing many essays, web browsing and watching movies & tv-shows. What I want doesn't seem completely bonkers, does it?

The thing is, I want it at a reasonable price.

If we start with something like the Lenovo Ideapad U410, it is a fairly slim, but nothing extreme, it has a good keyboard, good trackpad and specs that match most ultrabooks out there, except for the fact that it has a hybrid drive with a 500/750gb HDD in combination with a small SSD. It is priced very reasonably here in Sweden at around 6500 SEK, or around 30% cheaper than the base configuration of a Macbook Air 11".

What I really miss with it is really a great screen, or at least something better than the 1366x768 display on there now. A 1600x900 or a 1080p screen with a price increase that makes sense for the better display and I would buy the computer in a heartbeat. Say the price was 50-120$ more than the current version, and it had a better display. Then that would be a perfect computer for my usage.

Is there something that you know of that fullfills all that I need, at a price I would like to pay?