Why Windows' laptops will never catch up with MacBooks...?

Hi everyone.

I've been reading reviews all over the place, Microsoft has done this touch-friendly OS opening an endless horizon to produce quality touch-screen laptops, have higher pixel densities, innovative hinge designs, better viewing angles, priced at different price points, but somehow they never ever managed to beat MacBooks, in 13/15 inchs form factors, nor with their 1ish/2ish k dollars which i can totally say is an overspending while you have these great Windows 8 devices on the market.

So what i'm talking about here is review scores... you guys all-together have used all these laptop and all these gadgets, and you may tell me why no Windows OS-powered laptop have managed to beat a MacBook review score ?

From usually a 7ish to the likes of almost 9, which is a pretty considerable amount of difference...

Let this sky rains replies on me, i want to be enlighted :)