Watch This: Jensen Harris explains the origin of Windows 8's design

To really understand Windows 8, it's necessary to realize (or admit) that its design has been carefully thought through. Microsoft does not just believe that Windows 8 is the most "beautiful" version of Windows ever but also that it is the most functional version. Here, Jensen Harris, VP of Product Design, details the history behind the operating system's radical design style.

His central argument is that while each Windows revision has been familiar to users since Windows 95, people are willing to change if you give them something better. He uses many examples of such change... every one of these changes, there was a vocal crowd of critics explaining why the change was bad. The Kindle ruined the "new book smell" that people loved so much, or the argument that people would never be able to type on a phone’s glass screen and would need a real keyboard instead. "Resting on familiar is the way to mediocrity," Harris says, noting that Microsoft could have chosen to simply continue evolving Windows.

Thoughts on the video?