This is my next: Jolla

When Nokia first jumped ship for Microsoft and abandoned their current platforms, it seemed that it was going to be the end of the Linux phone. I started my ventures with Maemo with a Nokia n810, and Bluetooth tethered it with a Nokia express 5300. I went through a few windows phones, all while continuing to use my n810. Got an n900 and was ecstatic. Then Meego happened, a partnership which I never understood because of the architectural differences. I have been using an n9 since its launch, meaning I paid a lot to get one imported to the US. The N9 is still my daily driver and I thought it might be the last phone with maemo roots.

Tomorrow marks the day though where a new team will announce what they are doing to keep the platform moving. Who else is looking forward to what come from the start of Jolla's event tomorrow? Who thinks the Jolla Phone will be their next, and what do you hope to see.