Skype on Windows Phone 8 + data-only smartphone plan?

My local carrier offers data only plans starting at $30 monthly. This is with 2 year contracts. With the new always open Skype on WP8, in tandem with their nice app for Win8, would it be possible to get that data only plan and use Skype as my phone? I was looking at Skype's website at their paid options, and I know that you can get unlimited minutes for a good rate, but I'm not so sure about text messages. Now my questions are: Will Skype give me a phone number other people can call/text? If I text through Skype can I use the WP8 Messages app? (I love the WP messages app and it performs better than anything else on WP) Hopefully someone with more experience than me with the premium features of Skype can help me out.