Galaxy S III or Nexus 4?

I am trying to decide between the 2. I like the bigger screen of S III. I don't know if I will be a fan of the physical buttons though. People say the design looks bland but I kind of like that. It would be nice but if it fits well in my hand and it doesn't look like someone threw up on it I'm fine! I don't know how I will like touchwiz but if I don't like it I will just download CM10 on it. I don't mind not having LTE because I'm on AT&T and they don't have LTE here so not a biggie but I would to have it. Also I would buy the international version because the AT&T version just has 16gb and doesn't support Google Wallet.

For the Nexus 4 I think design looks kind of ugly but you get updates as soon as possible but can't I get those almost as soon as it comes out on xda? The Wireless Charging is nice too! So what do you think? What should I do?