So I bought a 920 yesterday

Yep, I just went to check out the device, fell in love with it and before I knew it I was at home fumbling with my thumbs as my wife was ripping me a new one.

Anyyway.. First a question : My Live ID (Microsoft Account) is somehow based in the UK, I've been using this as my primary account since WP7 (used to own a HD7) and bought tons of apps etc before.

Now somehow with the 920 i can't install Whatsapp, it says it's not available in myregion or my device but won't be specific. Any UK 920 users having the same issue. I'm located in Turkey btw, but that doesn't have an effect on my marketplace as it uses the UK one (can buy music etc which is n/a in the UK).


Second note i'd like to share is about the selling rate of the 920. The 920 started selling on contract yesterday (the day I got it) and off contract from Nokia shops 2 days before that.

Being the curious WP enthusiasit I asked the guy how the sales were. They said they sold 3 that day (me included) and the nokia shop that was next to them had sold 28 in the last 2 days.

The shops were located inside a semi-popular mall and were pretty small.

So this is in Istanbul/Turkey (Natilus for the locals). The 920 doesn't have any commercials that I've seen yet and take whatever you want from that.

Just wanted to share.

Side note : This thing is beatifull, it feels so solid i don't think i'll be able to describe it fairly.

Tally ho.