Clearing Windows 8 Usability FUD

Forum members might be remembering that I have created one video explaining how Windows 8 is great with mouse and keyboard. However there are many articles online saying Windows 8 UI sucks.

For example my friends pointed me to these articles:


So I wrote a post to cut out points made by second article here:

Very truly talking, the whole decade old PC experience is still there in its original form with only one difference new Start Screen. You can use all legacy desktop apps the way you were using for more than a decade. So genuinely there can be only two possible reasons if anyone say it sucks with mouse and keyboard:

  1. Switching between Start screen and desktop in Windows 8 - And as I wrote in post this is still done by hitting a decade old Windows key, so at least this cannot be a problem.
  2. The next is whether Start screen itself sucks - And as section in my post proves, start screen actually makes it fast. How? two scenarios:

* In Start menu, you have to drill down to Program icon, in Start screen everything is pinned, no need to drill down

* Many times you dont need to open app, you can just see the tile for live update

Anything else that you think is new in desktop environment of Windows 8?

What people here think?