Questions on battery of Ipad Mini

In the "Verge review" what means

"Those speeds are more a testament to the fact that Verizon's LTE network has slowed slightly thanks to the iPhone 5 than to the iPad's capabilities."?

In the part:

"Adding cellular connectivity to a small tablet feels like a no-brainer, moreso than it does on a full-size 10-inch tablet. You're much more likely to be toting it around with you in places without Wi-Fi coverage and it's a real boon to just have data simply available when you do. If you frequently tether, the iPad mini makes a lot of sense too. iOS 6 is simply rock-solid when tethering via USB and the iPad mini lasts forever as a Wi-Fi hotspot — though there are still some issues getting the initial connection going with iOS. "

I understand so:

"adding the lte to ipad mini is ok in the cases you are off wi-fi places and for che tethering utility that made this ipad mini in a very hot spot wi-fi. Is correct?