Just installed Windows 8 on my old desktop, first impressions

My desktop was cutting edge 6 years ago, so at this point, while eminently usable, it's a bit long in the tooth. So I decided to take the plunge and install Windows 8 Pro to see if the performance benefits live up to their claims. With the $15 promo pricing, it has the potential to be the cheapest upgrade possible if there's any improvement at all.

Because this is my do-everything computer, it needed to hit the ground running, so I migrated my existing install in its bloated entirety, with all my years of cruft and application detritus built in. The install took about 2 hours, but as far as I can tell, everything is entirely intact. It hasn't broken any of my legacy applications that I can tell, even the ones that are Officially Unsupported by their companies. The hot corners took about 30 seconds to get used to, and while I'm not dead sold on the start screen (I do like folders), it isn't much of an imposition at all. At this point I have pinned literally nothing to the start screen, so I strongly suspect it will actually improve my workflow once I put a little bit of work into customizing it.

Desktop works exactly the same as the old desktop. There's really no difference. I predict that's where I'll spend 98% of my time, because I use only legacy applications.

I really like the idea of the aggregated hubs. They do an amazing job of collecting all my disparate contacts and calendars and accounts that I've never really been able to properly organize before. It's a shame that the mail app doesn't support threaded conversations, so I'll be doing e-mail the same way I always have, through a browser. If they add some more advanced settings in an update, I could definitely see myself using it instead, though. It's a very nice interface. [UPDATE: new update I just installed includes threaded conversation view. So this may well be my new go-to for mail]

Frankly, at this point, I really, really don't understand what all the kerfuffle* is about. It's meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Only the new boss boots up 3 times faster.

tl;dr - Pretty boring first impressions, I'm sorry. As far as I can tell, Windows 8 on a desktop works the same as Windows 7, just a bit faster.

*it's a technical term