Lumia 920: Finally Putting the "Brick" Thing to Rest

I recently went to an AT&T store to get some hands-on time with the Nokia Lumia 920. After all the reading about how heavy it was I was suspecting it to feel like a lead weight when I picked it up (ok, I'm exaggerating for emphasis). To my surprise, it felt quite natural. Very similar to the phone I currently own. Which led me to do a little research.

You see the phone I currently own is an HTC Arrive on Sprint. Looking at the specs, it weighs in at 184 grams (6.49oz). Just a single gram lighter than the Lumia 920.

"My god!" I thought. "Have I been carrying around 'brick' or a 'tank' for the last two years and not known it?"

I decided to look for some of the reviews for the Arrive. In my quest I found this written by the Verge's own Chris Ziegler (back when he was at Engadget)

Among other things, Chris said (emphasis mine):

The phone's heavy -- as QWERTY sliders tend to be -- but not annoyingly so; really, it's just heavy enough to unmistakably convey that all-important "substantial" feel.

What are we to conclude from this? Is one gram the difference between "that all-important substantial feel" and a brick? Is it that 185 grams felt lighter in 2011 than 2012 due to shrinking components in newer phones?

Or is it that it's all subjective and best left to personal preference.

I personally enjoy the substance of my current phone and the 920. The iPhone 5 for instance, feels too light to me. Not in a cheap way, in a confidence inspiring way (for lack of a better term). It feels like it wants to fly out of my hand and I concentrate more on not dropping it than using it (though I think the 4S had a great weight to it).

But that's me. Your brick may be my substantial. While my feather may be your ideal.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts.