So Long, Surface


Twenty days ago I got a Microsoft Surface. I hadn't planned to but when my sister, who works for a PR company in New York, told me should could get one at US prices, tax free, I though, hell, why not?

So let me tell you about me.
I'm a part time web developer, part time househusband, living in Yorkshire, England I've used Microsoft products since a 386-16 running Windows 3 I bought back in about 1990 and my only "defections" to Apple have been a Macbook bought 4 years ago so I could run Rapidweaver to manage a customer's existing websites and an iPhone 3GS which I passed to my wife and reverted to my trusty HD2

My wife is a special needs teacher and uses a first gen iPad to set up apps for her kids who use a mixture of iPads and Touches as communication aids and education tools. To be honest I've never really used it as it strikes me as too limited.

I have really enjoyed using the Surface for what I bought it for - as a casual surfing device, gaming tool and media player.
I was only last night that I realised I hadn't actually paid my sister for it and did a transfer to her, I realised I was spending £400 on a toy.
I had also joined this forum to ask some advice on warranty repair of the keyboard that had split and started reading some of the comments and reviews about this thing. I found it hard to believe some people are talking about the same device.
To read some of the fan posts on this forum , it is the universal panacea - a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, a media centre, a games machine...
But it isn't. It has some great points - a nice, simple, easy to use interface, a great web browser a great music and video system. It also has some terrible ones and the biggest is the fact that they shoehorned MS Office in there in a form that is barely useable - a slow processor, too little memory, a tiny screen and a rubbery keyboard.

In most ways the Surface is really just as limited as the iPad. It also doesn't have the benefit of a huge range of apps.
I use Windows 8 on my desktop system and am struck by the schizophrenic nature of it but can ignore it as I run desktop mode all the time.
It's not so easy on the Surface - tablet mode is fine but desktop is just plain bad - like the Netbooks of 4 years ago only more so. I cant help thinking a sort of "Microsoft Works" with touch interface might have been better than trying to force Office on what is primarily a consumer device.
Anyway, I'm sending the keyboard back to my sister for her to get a refund and putting the Surface on E-Bay. Looks like they are selling for around the £400 mark so I may wind up ahead.
I think I'll see what sort of deals on Ultrabooks come up in the sales. Zenbook looks appealing.


Meant to say that my wife didn't like it at all. Probably Apple addiction but she made the comment that it wasn't a "friendly" computer and she thought that most women wouldn't like it Any female forumers (or guys with a feminine side) care to comment?