HTC 8X Gorilla Glass 2 not all that great

So I've had an HTC 8X on Verizon since last Thursday.

I have to say so far I'm not happy at all with the Gorilla Glass 2 that protects the screen.

I am very religious about keeping the phone face up when placed on any surface and always put it in my pocket alone, never with any keys. Yet I've already developed plenty of little nicks and scratches on the surface of the glass, especially around the edges of the device.

Anyone have any advice on what I can do? Can I take it back to Verizon about this or are they just going to accuse me of being an idiot who scratched their phone and wants a free replacement?

I don't want to use a screen protector because I love the way the curved glass tapers into the side of the device, but I fear I may have to invest in one to protect the screen.

Thoughts? Anyone else seeing the same thing?