Droid DNA - Dead/Stuck Pixels?

After impatiently waiting what most certainly must have been years (read: days), I received my Droid DNA in the mail today. After a viscerally haphazard unboxing and activation I can say with some level of certainty that this device is truly something to behold (Sense's cartoonish visage not withstanding). However, I've noticed several "stuck" pixels -- some free standing and one small group in a scratch like formation -- marring the otherwise resolutionary display. *eh hem*

Now this leaves me wondering, is this a common defect on the DNA? I realize that the phone literally just went on sale, but have any of you other early adopters noticed any stuck or dead pixels? You'll want to look a solid color image (black preferably) to make them more readily apparent. It's worth noting that with such an ungodly pixel density that these stuck pixels are nearly imperceivable, but it's still extremely off putting to see on a brand new device. And more than that, once seen they are had to unsee.

I'm asking not only out of sheer curiosity, but also to determine whether or not exchanging this for a new one might be an exercise in futility. I don't have a local Verizon store so an exchange works out to be roughly another week of waiting. I'm an exceedingly impatient person, especially if it turns out that the replacement I receive is likely to have the same problem.

So tell me, internet, is this problem universal among these first batches of the Droid DNA?