No one's talking about Intel Atom tablets, why?

Specifically the ThinkPad Tablet 2. It's been delayed from Oct. 26, to Nov.16, and now to Dec. 18.

This is ridiculous. It kind of goes to show how difficult it is for the hardware industry to keep up with the rapidly changing hit or miss explosion that currently is the mobile industry. The Nexus 4 is another good example.

From what I've heard, there was rumor of final tweaking by Intel on the Atom Clovertrail Z2760 chips which delayed distribution, and that there's been a shortage of supply. Samsung certainly got theirs alright...

I've been using the Nexus 10 I ordered for the past couple days and it's great, but I realized I don't want a 10" Android tablet. I want a 10" Windows 8 tablet, and an Android smartphone.

Nexus 4 + TPT2 + PowerBag = Good to Go