For those with non-touchscreen laptops - A way to use hand gestures (Ultrasound)

Since the Modern UI shines when using gesture-based inputs, guess this workaround to non-touchscreen devices should be more than adequate. You can check if it works with your laptop. However, if I'm not mistaken, you might need to have 8 microphones to fully utilise this ultrasound method. Not sure how, but apparently that Acer laptop does it well enough, but I'm pretty sure for desktops you'll need some audio equipment.

You might think, "why not just buy a touchscreen monitor?"

Eventually when touchless technology advances to the point where precise and smart/analytical tracking of even the slightest motion of our fingertips is made commercially viable, we'd all rather just raise our fingertips slightly above our keyboards to point, swipe etc. Looking at videos and the developmental technology around us, I'd contend that this future is nearer than most of us would think, especially with Microsoft making a big push in this direction.