Is the Only Good Twitter Client on Android Dead?

From very early on, Boid has been a the shining example of how good Holo apps can look and function. Today, it went open-source. The team wants to shift their attention elsewhere without letting it die completely.

While I'm excited to see what you guys are doing next, I'm a little sad, while you seem to think you've accomplished your goal, I don't think you're quite done. Holo still isn't the norm, and there's not a good twitter app in active development anymore. Carbon appears to be dead, tweetlanes is dead (and was pretty cluttered when last I used it), Tweetdeck is dead, Tweetcaster is an abomination, and Plume is FroyoBlur themed and makes me want to vomit out of my eyes. Falcon is cool, but it seems to want to be a fully fledged app that lives on your homescreen rather than just a simple, useful twitter widget, I really wish I could turn some of its functions off: My homescreen widgets absolutely should not have browsers built into them.

What's a holo-loving minimalist to do? For now, I'll keep using Boid and hope the community shows it some love.