Why the desktop on Windows RT is... Nice!

look, first things first. I am probably going to take a lot of flak just from the title of the thread, and all I ask is that you guys read the post, or at least skim it to get the gist of it before making angry comments.

Background: I am a High school student that is extraordinarily tech savvy, at least by family members reckoning. Take that with a pinch of salt but i built my first computer at the ripe young age of ten. i was an idiot and went with a liquid cooling loop... so take that as you may.

Anyway, i was underwhelmed by the surface RT and didn't particularly want one, instead deciding to wait for the Haswell Surface pro. However, my grandma, being her, got me a surface rt 64gb and the red touch cover. Fast forward to three days ago after school. I was upgrading my computer (the liquid cooled one) to windows 8, backed up and everything, along with a lot of the others (my 2 laptops, the Samsung series something slate and my htpc). you may see where this was going already, but the data had finished backing up and win 8 was installing on half the systems that i own, the relatively high performance ones. Hey, it was the weekend and I had time to kill. It then hit me like a wet fish, i had just wiped all the computers running office, and had a project due on Monday.

Oh crap.

So i resolved that i would wait for the install to finish, install office on my laptop (as the desktop and HTPC had a whole lot of funkiness going on because the had small ssd's and i wanted to move the users folder). So i did, put all the drivers on and was getting to reboot. I finish the reboot, and after it turns on, a blank screen. Zip. Nada. Nothing. needless to say, i felt hosed at this time. (this got fixed later. it happened because my envy 17 had 2 graphics cards the IG part and a ATI part)

Enter the surface.

I was racking my brain for a machine that ran office, as my teacher only took stuff in the .docx file format, so no Google docs, when I remember my surface. I quickly killed that idea off as doing research in ie10 desktop while it being next to a word window, on the surfaces 10 inch screen was not an experience i wanted to go through.

Then it hit me.

I ran downstairs, picked up the mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, popped it into the surface and my tv, stole the keyboard and mouse dongle from my htpc, popped it into the surface, and was off to the races. True i kinda had to sit close to the tv, but in the end it worked out. I now actually like the inclusion of the desktop mode in windows RT.