NYT's David Pogue stunning WP review: 920 and 8x "Dazzling" "Superb" "Spectacular"

Finally, someone who does "get it". And has more cachet and a broader reach than any of the Verge staff can dream of.


Some choice quotes:

"Both have state-of-the-art hardware, superb design and Microsoft’s spectacular phone software. Yes, that’s right. You thought Microsoft operating systems were derivative, uninspired, bloated, plagued by featuritis? Windows Phone will change your mind fast."

"The two new phones have a lot in common — for one thing, they’re both awesome."

And no, not everything is sherbert and rainbows, Pogue also notes weaknesses in speech recognition and apps but overall gets the real risk at hand here, whereby MS puts out a great product but doesn't get the best of market forces.

Oh and...

"(I didn’t experience the spontaneous restarts that have been reported by some early adopters of both phones; Microsoft says it’s investigating.)"