Using Mac for first time in nearly 20 years



So I work in the non-profit sector, and I tend to use what my companies can afford. Because I switched from Arts organizations in the early 90s to health organizations, this meant I've been using PC's exclusively over the past 20 years.

So 2 months ago I had this golden opportunity to purchase new hardware. I wrote some justifications, I did a lot of research and I decided to go ahead and get the MacBook Retina Pro 15" (I also picked up a copy of Windows 7 to run in BootCamp in case I didn't like it.) And just for background info, the last time I used a mac was during the PowerPC wars, ie: mac clones era.

So 2 months later, I can say that I'm really happy with my purchase. I'm very impressed by the hardware and I'm slowly getting accustomed to MacOS 10.8.

Sure there were some hiccups, like the keychain issue that caused permission problems (I made 3 calls to Apple support to try and resolve it, but the 10.8.2 update seems to have corrected it).

And I know I am a noob at this OS, but my fond memories of the keyboard shortcuts in graphic design programs were indeed real memories, and except for FN-Delete and Command-Shift-H (InDesign) I have found the experience very enjoyable.