Adjustment pains; iOS6

Hi folks,

Couple of questions for you guys, maybe some input from some who switched from ICS/JellyBean to iOS 6:

1. How do you efficiently manage saving articles form safari to your read-it-later/pocket/readability lists? I still can't wrap my head around that "share link from safari to and then email to pocket", surely there must be a simpler way?

2. WTF is with the settings menu? It started off fairly simple, now every app that i install, splits some of its settings within the app itself and the other half to the It's become quite frustrating navigating through settings, especially when even core functions like "cellular" settings are scattered throughout the settings menus, is there a "settings" alternate? (may be asking too much)

3. How do you sideload books into the kindle app? Especially without a tether, using just dropbox?