Switching from WP8 to iPhone5

Hi guys

Due to a fault with my beautiful Lumia 920 which i have not had long, I am looking at replacing it for an iphone5.

I just wanted to give the names of some of the more niche apps i have on WP and would like to know if any of you guys know of alternative for ios. I'm sure there's plenty given the size of the store. It doesn't matter if you have no experience with WP apps, just something similar from the description. So, here it goes:

Das Image - image search app. Searches google, bing, flickr, instagram images all in one place to downlaod
Fantasia Painter - Probably the best free photo editor on any platform. Loads of photo edit affects, brushes for creating images, etc. Kind of like sketchbook pro merged with instagram filters.
Free Ringtones - download free tones to save creating yourself or buying from apple
Tube Pro - youtube client with ability to download videos for offline use even without google account.

Also, whats the battery life like with moderate/light heavy usage?

Many thanks