A Concept to allow quick access to commonly-used settings in iOS

To access settings items in iOS, you have to tap on the settings icon, and find the item you want. If you are looking at quickly turning off you mobile data, for example, it can take three taps to get that part of the menu (Settings-General-Mobile Data).

Some have suggested accessing quick settings through swiping down from the top of the screen, like some Android phones. However, this concept allows you to access your settings through swiping to the left of the homescreen. While at the moment this is reserved purely for searching, this concept allows you to access your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness etc, straight away.

This concept may not be as good as swiping down to access settings, but since Apple haven't brought out their version of how it should be done, I figured that this could be an option.

I've only included some some settings in the mock-up, and apologies if it doesn't look quite right cosmetically.


This is just an idea I thought I'd submit since iOS does need an easy way to access settings - hopefully iOS 7 will bring some sort of method when it comes out next year.