Thinking about getting an xbox 360

Hey guys (and gals) i recently bought a 3ds and have been getting back into gaming. Im loving my 3ds but have started thinking about buying an xbox 360 as it has more hardcare titles and of course great online play. I already have a ps3 that I bought for super cheap off craigslist a while ago just to use as a blu ray/media streaming player. Ive gotten a couple of games for it but i find the online play to be lacking and I hate the duelshock 3 design

So i was wondering if you think its a good time to buy an xbox 360. The media streaming looks a lot nicer on the 360 than the ps3 and im sure the online gaming experience will be much better. The kinect also looks really cool. the main reason im hesitant is that they are probably going to release a new xbox next year making this one obsolite.

what do you guys think? should i wait for the next xbox or make the plunge and buy one now?