Sign The Petition: The Verge Chronological "Blog View"

Hey folks,

Let me start off by saying that The Verge has one of the best tech site communities that I have ever seen. The people that form it are some of the most helpful, funniest, and most enthusiastic tech geniuses that I have ever witnessed. Luckily for The Verge, a site is often as strong as its community. And, as proud members of The Verge's community, we should all have the opportunity to have a say in the site and its direction for the future. That is why I am writing this post.

First, a bit of background:

Recently, while browsing these here forums, I have noticed many people complaining about the lack of a way to view The Verge's articles in a chronological order, commonly referred to as a "blog view." Now, I know that you can just use an RSS reader, but this is inconvenient, especially when reading on someone else's computer. And, even though you can view all the day's articles in order by clicking the "x new articles today" button near the top left, this is inconvenient, doesn't allow for a relaxed skimming experience, doesn't give a preview of the post, and it disappears after you choose an article to view (i.e. you can't return to it just by clicking your browser's back button).

I am not, however, advocating the complete removal of The Verge's "tiled" front page. In many situations, it allows for a more relaxed discovery experience than any other site that I have seen. In fact, I love it because it further sets The Verge apart from the copycat tech blogs. I just think that it can sometimes lead to people missing one of the day's great articles because it was not popular enough to make it to the top. Or, even worse, they miss one because they were distracted by the interface.

Despite the obvious desire to to make this happen, to my knowledge, nobody has shown a concentrated effort to make this change happen. Here is that effort.

The Proposal:

What I believe should be done is the addition of an option button that allows the reader to choose how they would prefer to browse. Maybe it is a button at the top that gives the choice between a "Tiled View" or a "Blog View." It could even remember a person's preferred selection by their account. Maybe it could be an account setting for that person's default view. No matter the implementation, this option should exist.

What You Can Do:

If you believe that this feature should be implemented, then you can help. Here's how:

  • First, "sign" this petition by adding a comment to this post. Make sure that you make your own comment, do not just reply to somebody else's as it may not be properly counted. Any comment will do, just as long as it is appropriate. It could be anything from an implementation suggestion to a cat picture. Or, if you are feeling particularly awesome, both. Your choice.
  • Second, spread the word. Tell all your friends. Make a poster. Climb on top of city hall and scream your message to the world. Whatever floats your boat.
What's next?

If this post receives a sufficient number of comments, I will officially submit this post to The Verge's webmaster for consideration. I truly believe that, if this post receives enough interest, our goal will be accomplished. However, it will not be instantaneous. As a developer myself, I can tell you that it could take from weeks to months for this issue to be resolved. We must, however, get the ball rolling. Once a "blog view" is implemented, I know that The Verge will easily become the best feed of technology knowledge the world has ever seen.

Thank you for your support of a solution for this decidedly first-world issue.