New to android and Nexus 4 questions/issues.

Hey all, i'm fairly new to android, had the original galaxy for about 6 months....hated it. Anyway, got my Nexus 4, and just having a few minor issues. First my battery life was pretty dismal for the first day of use, unplugged at 530am, and by 230 i was well under 10% for some reason. I would call my usual daily routine light to slightly more than light. Checked the news when i got up, listened to a synced podcast and about an hour of rdio synced music, and a few twitter, google+ and a small amount of new device tinkering, nothing that would appear to eat my battery so much! Just as a comparison, my iphone 4s that i came from was never ever less than 50% when i came home from work at 2-3pm. Also, it appeared that rdio was using a large amount of mobile data even while playing synced music, although i haven't been able to determine if thats the case yet.... Any android power users offer some advice?