Your Surface RT Music and Podcast Solution?

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I think the above makes my opinions of the out-of-box music experience on the Surface in its current incarnation clear, but what I really want to sort out are the podcasts. As with the iDevices, I like how Podcasts are implemented in-device in Zune, with painless syncing of podcasts and play states across multiple devices.

It's clear we can't get the same thing on the RT at this stage, but what are your podcast-consuming solutions for your Surface?

Slapdash seems like the leading contender among a truly sparse set if we're going the app route, but something about it isn't gelling with me - and I'll have to try and abstract why... maybe because it looks kind of overwrought and is herky-jerky in operation.

The other question is, what contortions do you undertake to get your Zune music onto the Surface? Or do you just say "eff it, I'm subscribed to Music Pass and I'll take what that gives me"?