Sim free Nexus 4 available from Carphone Warehouse (UK)

Original story:

So it seems to be in stock but at £100 more than on the play store...

Really tempted by this but im not sure if its worth it. Ive been reading that those with back orders have slowly started receiving theirs, perhaps pointing to more stock being available soon. I would be pissed if i bought one from here only to have it restocked on the play store in a few days time. I think this would only be viable if the play store stock is a week or two away, in which case i wouldn't mind paying the extra cash to get it early. Google really messed up with this lack of information

I also read somewhere that Google would be getting more stock by this Friday because they dont want to miss out on black Friday sales, that i assume would be huge, but it looks like that was another untrue rumor