Thinking about switching from windows phone to iPhone..

Okay, so i have been pretty into the whole Microsoft ecosystem, owning a W\ndows 8 pc, Windows phone (Still on a WP7 device) and an XBOX . I am one of those guys who like to go all in on an ecosystem and love live tiles but i have been turned off by Windows 8 and how they crammed a PC and tablet UI together, and lately i have been loving how Apple does hardware (consistent yearly releases). The thing is i am pretty heavily invested in Microsoft's services, i am wondering what 1st party alternatives there is to the apps i list below: PS, i dont mean just WP/iOS, this is including OSX/Windows 8 and everything else!

People Hub - Not a big deal, but i was wondering how the contact system works on iOS, does it sync with your Facebook contacts and such?

Calendar- Use this everyday and i love how on WP upcoming events are on the lock screen and it stays in sync with the windows 8 calendar (I would need some sort of 'live' reminder of sorts and to be in sync with OSX)

E-mail- I have an account.. does Apple have its own email service? (like i said, i like to go all with an ecosystem)

XBOX Live- How does Gamecenter stack up to XBOX Live? i know the games on iOS are much better currently but i mean the actual service itself. I think this might be something i will miss from WP

Skydrive- what is iCloud like compared to Skydrive? Skydrive is one of my favourite and underrated apps. the integrated word web apps are awesome to work with

Maps- Well lets not go there..

Office - Probably the most important feature. More so on the desktop. is Pages or whatever you want to call it usable? this is HUGE for me

weather- I like my live tile on WP, is there something similar on iOS like in their notification centre?

Also what else am i going to love about iOS (or OSX) in general? Anything i will miss from the Microsoft ecosystem? I will miss my XBOX music pass for sure.. Also remember i am just talking about first party ecosystem. Honestly i think microsoft has the edge in this department but am ready to try something new! thanks guys.