iOS: Simple improvements – Updated ribbon.

Okay… As much, as I don’t have enough time for a while now, to be able to come up with full overview articles on big improvements and ideas. I’ve decided to come up with simple small ones.

Updated ribbon.

New_ribbon1_mediumWith new iOS6, it was a great idea to bring "New" blue ribbon on top of a newly downloaded app. At last, as much as I enjoy purchasing new apps, I can now finally see between all hundred of them on my iPad, which ones are actually new. Great reminder to try that one!

Now. Why have they stopped on that?

It would be also great to see which apps I’ve updated and didn’t get a chance to try yet! The only way to be reminded right now, is not to start update process unless you’ve got time to try it after. But if you already started, and got distracted, there is a big chance you won’t remember you need to run it, especially when there was more than one app to update.

So if Apple can bring another ribbon, "Updated" one, it can be called even!


It would also be great for developers, which will be sure this time, their update won’t be missed! It’s a win-win.

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Thanks for reading this.