Google should bring Samsung's Dual-View to stock Android

This multi-tasking mode would be amazing for Android tablets. It would make them a whole lot more useful, especially considering most apps aren't optimized for tablets, and this would make those apps look a lot better next to each other in parallel.

Consider the Twitter app, which Verge keeps reminding us about. In landscape on a 10" it probably looks very crappy. It would look a lot better if it only occupies 1/2 or 1/4 of your screen, while you do something else.

This *needs to happen* in the next version of Android. I think it would be a major benefit for Android tablets.

I'd also like to mention I hate the Windows-like multi-window multi-tasking from the beginning of the video. Google should NOT do that. It will just waste a TON of CPU and RAM resources, eat battery life, and will not do anything to make it that much more useful. The Dual-View is a much cleaner multi-tasking mode, and it's all you need on a tablet, especially since you can resize the apps.