I Want the Nexus 10, but...

I really want to want the Nexus 10 (if that makes sense), but I need some help. I love my Galaxy Nexus, and I salivate over the possibility of having a 10 inch Android tablet to replace my aging first-generation iPad. However, I am really concerned about app selection; it's fine on my phone, but I don't want to be running blown-up phone apps on a 10 inch tablet (even if Android's scaling is better than iOS's). Therefore, I have a few questions which I'd love to have answered before I jump the gun on the Nexus 10.

  1. Is app selection, in general, really that much worse on Android tablets than on the iPad? I don't use too many apps on my iPad, but I do need enough content consumption apps that would make the Nexus 10 a viable replacement.
  2. Until Facebook makes a native Android tablet app, which Facebook apps should I try out? I've looked at Friendcaster, which seems nice, but not that well-designed. Are there any other Facebook tablet apps that are really nice-looking and useful?
  3. How is Hulu+ on Android tablets? (I know that the Nexus 10 isn't officially supported, but I'm sure I can find a cracked version, and I expect it to be supported soon.) The Hulu+ app on iPad supports great 720p streaming; does the Android tablet app? On my Galaxy Nexus, I can't get videos above "high" quality, which is acceptable on a phone, but not on a 300 ppi tablet.
  4. Is there anything else that I should know before making the switch, in order to transition painlessly and seamlessly?
Thank you.