Finally a platform I feel could be perfect for me

So my first smartphone was a Blackberry, the Curve 8520 to be precise. It was an awesome phone for the price I was paying on my contract, but I felt it was bogged down by not supporting 3G. Since then I ended up buying another cheap Curve 9300. While 3G was a welcome addition and I always loved the QWERTY keyboard, things still weren't right and I went back to my iPhone 4 again.

However, with Blackberry 10, I honestly feel like I've found something to be enthusiastic about. I'm not a big fan of loads of apps, I only want ones which are useful. My main reason for owning a smartphone is to stay connected to people. E-mail, messaging, social networking...those are the things most important for me in a phone. Blackberry 10 just seems like the perfect OS for me.

Leave your opinions below and let me know if you too are excited for BB10.