Help an Android N00b: Android Alternatives for Features Included in iOS

Hey folks,

After using an iPhone since 2009, I have finally "seen the light" and decided to switch to an Android phone after buying and loving a Nexus 7 when it was released. My plan is to buy a Nexus 4 when they become available again, as I missed the short purchasing window when they were first released. However, switching from iOS, I know that there are many features that come standard with iOS that I need to purchase a third-party app to do on Android. As such, I need to know what apps to get in these categories:

  • An automatic app, app data, and app settings backup app (Replacing iCloud Backup)
  • A lost phone locating app (Replacing Find My iPhone)
  • An app for regularly recurring reminders (ex. watching TV shows, etc.) (Replacing Reminders)
  • A note-taking app (Replacing Notes)
  • An automatic photo-uploading app (Replacing Photo Stream)

In addition, I am also looking to replace jailbreak and non-stock iOS apps with Android alternatives:

  • A free-tethering app (Replacing PDANet)
  • A terminal app (Replacing Terminal)
  • A network-scanning app (Replacing iNet)
  • A device stat app (Replacing iStat)
  • A filesystem-style app (Replacing Goodreader)
  • A VNC app (Replacing the built-in VNC function of ezShare)

Lastly, I would gladly welcome any other suggestions for apps or services that you would recommend that I try to best enjoy my Android experience.

Thanks in advance!