HTC One X International 32 GB v/s. Nexus 4 16 GB Unlocked

I have a an unlocked HTC One X which is now six months old. I just received my new Nexus 4 from Google. I was pining for the Nexus before I got it, and now that I have it, I feel kinda content with my One X.

In addition, I have a 32 GB iPad and an iPod classic, so storage space isn't a biggie. Neither is LTE or it's lack thereof.

I seem to like the One X more because of it's:

1. Kickass display

2. Blazing fast camera (I need a phone that has a good camera)

3. Certain useful additions implemented by the Sense UI.

4. Great looks

My options are: to keep the Nexus and give the One X to my sister, or to sell the Nexus, keep the One X and buy my sister a HTC Windows Phone 8X (She's not majorly into a tech, more of a noob who needs a nice functional smartphone). Pricing is not the biggest of my issues.

It just comes down to which to which of the two, the Nexus or the One X is better.

What do you guys think?

(I'm a college student and a tech enthusiast)