Apple really needs to step up its game on built in apps.

Enough about bragging about 750,000 apps on the App Store. It's time Apple improves the experience out of the box.

Below is a video about the Galaxy Note 10.1, and there are some pretty neat ideas which make it a powerful device. The Note 10.1 with its pen and note taking features give the device a "personality" as a companion device for creating and sharing.

The iPad on the other hand is pretty much a well-built slate for developer with no personality of its own.

Imagine the value proposition of the iPad if the Apple apps like iMovie and iPhoto came bundled with the iPad as they do on the Mac. The device will be much more powerful out of the box instead of coming with a Note app that can't even format text or store images, or performing less than rudimentary photo editing from Photos app. I'm sure Apple could afford to lose $10 per an iWork/iLife app if they sold that many more iPads. A device preloaded with genuinely useful apps is much more appealing than a slate with basic apps, even if the apps can be downloaded later.

While Android for tablets has been adding quick access to settings and multi-user support, Apple has decided to keep touting the "we have the most apps" every keynote and is even touting specs over features with the release of the iPad 4. With Android gaining popularity with great tablets like the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7, who's to say developers won't go after the next largest user base?

Apple can't rely on developers as the sole selling point. They have used "Apps" as a tentpole feature since 2008 starting on the iPhone. Instead, they need to make iOS itself inherently useful with features that make the experience more cohesive between stock apps as seen on the Galaxy Note 10.1, as well as third-party apps.

[GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Premium Suite for GALAXY Note 10.1 (via SAMSUNGmobile)