The real iPhone 5 review

This is unlike all the superficial reviews of iPhone 5 out on the web. Reviews that a 9-year-old kid with some tech knowledge can make. Above is the real review of iPhone 5 , the in-depth review we've been looking for.

Here is the few last paragraphs of the review that I thought is worth quoting...

"Apple actually managed to create a phone that’s so good it has become an archetype. And when things become archetypes, they become intrinsically less interesting to people who thrive on dissonance and disruption. That’s why the iPhone 5 got such a converse reaction from the tech press when it was revealed. It’s an exercise in precision and restraint, not a play for our wildest imaginations.

When Apple’s Jony Ive says that they “take changing the iPhone very seriously”, it doesn’t mean that they’re averse to changing it at all, it just means that they’re only going to change the parts that would make it work better. The radical re-imagining stages of the way that the iPhone looks are over, but the process goes on at magma-hot levels inside, and there’s a ways left to go.

The next iPhone isn’t going to be boring, it’s going to be more exciting than ever. You’re just going to have to look inside to see it. "