I want to play hardcore games in a casual way. Am I a freak?

To begin, Im in my thirties, I have a full time job 10 hours a day. I'm engaged to a wonderful girl and we live in a three room apartment.

In the "home office room" I have a purpose built gaming pc. Everything setup for FPS action. I have most of the games, BF3, all the COD:s, MOH and so on. But I rarely play :(

I work all day so when I get home all I wanna do is plant my ass in the couch.

Did I mention I also have a ps3 and xbox connected to the living room tv? "Well why dont you use those when you sit in the couch all evening?" Well, because the girlfriend also want to be able to watch something. So we usually watch sit coms together and casually surf the web all night.

My idea, a 10 inch tablet for gaming

That gave me an idea; Wouldnt it be great if I had a 10 inch 1080p screen with HDMI-in and 3.5mm out for head phones. That way I could hook up my ps3 or xbox to it, play some hard core games while I relax in front of the TV with the girl friend and I don't have to sit alone in the home office.

Where is this product? :) Any ideas?

On a side note, I also have a gaming laptop, but the position and ergonomics of using it to play FPS games in the couch really screwed my arm up (Im getting to old for this sh...). So no go on that. I just want some casual gaming sessions with a console game :)