If the consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo were all on equal footing, which would you choose?

Ideally, I would like to have them all, or at least two of the three, but sometimes things don't work out like that. My choice would be the next PlayStation. Now, assuming Sony doesn't fall out of existence (I'm sure that won't happen), I'd choose them because of the first-party exclusives. Sony has the biggest stable of first-party studios, making the most diverse lineup of titles. Sony also takes more risks on the types of games they fund / publish. Basically, I find Sony's offerings the best of the bunch. Plus, there's PlayStation Plus, which offers buttloads of content.

I'm sure most people would say Nintendo's first-party content is better, but to me, it's a constant retread of the same tired franchises. I can only take so much Zelda and Mario (and it's many spin-offs). Then there's the whole third-party issue Nintendo has. I'd most likely be missing out on a ton of games from third-parties. Nintendo also hasn't yet got it's act together in regards to online, but they have made some strides with the Wii U.

Microsoft relies heavily on third-parties, and it's few first-party titles are also starting to seem rehashed (Halo's very fun, but to me it's just more of the same). I'd like to see them develop more unique titles. Microsoft's online service is great, but I feel it's a rip-off, even with the deals you're able to find for Xbox Live Gold Membership. Add to the fact that things like YouTube and Netflix are behind that pay-wall, and it seems even more ridiculous. Still, Microsoft has done a great job with the Xbox brand this gen.

So, if you had to pick one, which would you choose? Why would you not choose the others?