Vivo RT - Better than I had expected

After reading several damning reviews of Windows RT and the ARM vs. Atom article by Paul Thurrot, coupled with my business use of many desktop programs, I had convinced myself that Intel would be a requirement for my tablet purchase. However, after a thorough examination of the options available on the market (in Japan) I failed to find anything that was as portable or better than my first gen iPad that it would replace, or at a price point approaching my budget. Then I found the Asus Vivo RT, available at Bic Camera for just under 60,000 yen with 10% cash-back (points). Well within my budget, and significantly lighter than an iPad. But what about RT... Well, in terms of apps, I had already worked out what was available in the app store via my windows 8 tower machine and found a good selection of media consumption and game apps. In terms of productivity, the included Office makes this purchase an even better deal than it was already in comparison with an intel chip. I am unable to perform the kind of more focused work I do using special desktop software, but that is why I have desktop machines after all... Regarding performance and battery life, the Vivo RT is a big step up from the first generation iPad I had been using, and browses the web similarly to my three year old desktop Core2Duo with 2GB of RAM, which is to say, very well. I can use a number of online apps that my iPad couldn't including Prezi and Pixlr, because of the support for flash, and all my OneNote notes and documents are formatted and sync properly. Using a browser with OneNote snapped was a great way to take notes while viewing references. An RT tablet will not replace a desktop computer or main workhorse laptop. I wanted a tablet companion device,and RT was right for me.