What do you think about Apple Maps?

I thought Apple Maps was a step back from Google Maps. But after using the standard Google Maps on someone's iPad which has not been updated to iOS 6, it is not necessarily a step back. I think in many ways it is a step forward. Yes, Google Maps undoubtedly beats Apple Maps in terms of the amount and accuracy of mapping data. Obviously, because it has been updating itself for 7 years! Other than that, Apple Maps is a pleasure to use with its fluid and smooth vector-based graphics and text. I am not trying to defend Apple Maps' lack of data, because the way Apple Maps presents its data is better than Google Maps. Even in areas where Apple Maps has just as much mapping data as Google Maps, it is much easier to navigate and find what you are looking for with Apple Maps. It's much cleaner and makes full use of different colours to help users identify different types of landmarks. So it's only a matter of time Apple Maps become a superior mapping solution to Google Maps. No hyperbole or exaggeration here. P.S. I don't care about being called an Apple fanboy. What's good is good. I totally believe in giving credit where it is due.