Will MacBook Air with Retina Display come that soon?

Right now, everyone's trying to predict what's going to happen to the MBA next year. As of now, I can think of several problems with a Retina MBA:

  • Apple would need to increase the thickness of the MBA to be able to accomodate the screen and a larger battery, and the increased thickness would make it less appealing.
  • The price would be significantly more expensive, hence MBA can no longer compete with entry-level ultrabook PCs (unless Apple's willing to keep the current version on sale)
  • The current resolution if 1440x900, so since Apple likes to quadruple the number of pixels, they may have to compromise by not giving 2880x1800 but switching to 2360x1600

This all depends on whether Apple's pursuing a full-Retina strategy or keeping the legacy models.

Or, you know, it may not happen at all, because a retina MBA 13 is redundant alongside a retina MBP 13.

What do you think will happen?