My surface.

Finally got a surface and I am loving it. It's perfect for you if you need a great browser, a great screen for media consumption, light applications, and office.(which makes it awesome for a student like me)

I haven't seen any performance issues yet. It does what it is asked for it with no hiccups.

The app selection of course is quite boring but I trust MS will get it filled by June. I personally need a torrent app and will be "tsk tsk tsking" whenever I enter the app store.

Portrait mode is just as great as landscape. I thought it was going to be awkward to hold but its not. Its feels natural. The trick is to hold the tablet at the middle instead of the bottom.

I love the virtual keyboard but its not perfect yet. In windows phone, when I have something copied, a paste button appears in the top section if the keyboard. I expected MS to include this feature but they didn't for what ever stupid reason. Also when I press a word I expect it to become highlighted (as with windows phone) but rather, I must manually highlight it myself. I find this unintuitive. Also when typing I want word suggestions to appear in the top keyboard section as with windows phone. Another thing I wish the keyboard wasn't stationary in portrait mode. It would be more intuitive to be able to move it to the center of the screen, where my hands are stationed.

I also don't appreciate the screen dimming after typing for a while. Its not a big deal but I'm not liking it.

I like the touch keyboard but I find the spacebar and touch pad to close for comfort. I find myself sometimes using the touchpad for space and asking wtf is going on until I look down and see my thumbs on the touchpad. I would prefer the space bar a but more prominent and ample space away from the touchpad. I would also like it if the touchpad had more length horizontally. Its going to take some time to get used to working with these "flaws". However because its windows I can always plug in a regular keyboard and go to town. I also can plug speakers, a mouse, a printer, and much more. A big step over the competition. If you ask me.

On the desktop, I know it is not meant for 100% touch but the option to pinch to zoom on the desktop would go a very long way.

I give the surface 8.2/10. Would have given it a 9 but it loses .8 for the app selection. Hopefully it will get a nine soon by June.