WiFi issue on Nexus 4 (maybe others) running JB 4.2

There seems to be an issue where when the Nexus 4 (some people are saying even Nexus 7, Nexus 10) running 4.2 goes to sleep while on Wifi, it seems to drop the connection to at least Google Services. Some people report complete data loss but for me it's definitely Google Services. When you wake the phone up the signal bars turn grey for a bit, then go back to blue and all your push notifications/alerts come rushing in.This only happens on WiFi and I have no issues on HSPA. Some people report that different wifi networks have different results.

What's more bizarre for me is I have a Nexus 7 running 4.2 as well on same WiFi and that has zero problems while others do. It might be a setting, application or service that is causing this. I wanted to share on here to see if people were having the issue or not. There's already a bug posted that I'd appreciate you go and star (as well as post) so we can get some attention from Google.