World Journeys for the iPhoto App! Making it social.

I kinda made a review of this a while ago. Well I guess now its time to share.

Apple iPhoto is an incredible app, I must say. It’s the best way to tell your own story with photos. It has clear interface, great graphics, sweet slideshows and some more nice features… but it lacks even astonishing stuff, which can make iPhoto app amazingly great.

Bringing peoples journeys from all over the world with iPhoto hand made journals and maps, thats what can be really cool. The best way to share your story. Especially with beautiful Apple maps in iOS 6, wouldn't that be wrong not to take advantage of it.


Making your own journals is fun, and you get a quality product you can share with your friends after. But sharing only in a way of uploading to iCloud as a page and start giving links to everyone is to small, you need to think big, think different. People journeys brought by Journals from iPhoto app can become a new social thing for Apple users, providing ability to post and view those various adventures on a world map. And I’m sayin, not just posting and viewing photos of places on a map, which is lame, but having an ability to watch a full Story of the area / to add your own.

Let me describe what do I mean.
I’ll go with an iPhoto app for iOS, ‘cos everything described here can be brought to any platform iPhoto runs at the same way.

One. Account.

First of all, now you’ll need an account under which you’ll be able to post Journals on the map (probably iTunes one will do). So, you’ll just need to login and that will take you to the whole new level: ability to put your own journeys on the world map, following and rating others, leaving comments, choosing favorites.
After login process is complete you’ll see your name on the top.

Iphoto_1_login-part_medium Iphoto_2_logged-in_medium

On these pictures you can see new "Sign in" button (top right), and your name there after. Also I took off Events from the navigation menu, as they are not necessary anymore.

Now you’ll be able to Upload your Journal into the World Map. Just create one, click Share icon, and choose World Journeys icon. New tab will appear, where you’ll need to put Name for the journal, choose Category, pick Location where journey took place, enter Date, and choose Image Size.

Iphoto_3_sharing-options_medium Iphoto_4_uploading-journal_medium

See new World Journeys icon on the 1st pic, and whole new tab after. Only one step left before everyone can see your Journey, push Upload.

Two. World Map.

Congratulations! Your story is available for the world now. As long as the others.
Here is how World Map of people journeys will look like.

Iphoto_5_world-journeys_medium Iphoto_6_world-journeys-click_medium

World Map with everyones Journals one the 1st pic, and how will short info of the chosen will appear, on the 2nd.

Big Journals previews on the map are responsible for top rated journeys. The higher the rating, the bigger the preview.
When user will zoom in an area, more and more previews will appear before him. There should be some balance, so the map won’t look too crowded.

Users are able to filter what they want to see on the map: choose Category of journeys, switch to Only Photos view, show Favorite journals, or those ones you Follow. Also, Search field can be really useful.

Now you can really see journeys of other people in the area you want to visit. Observe all of them, read reviews, and decide what too look for when you got there for yourself. Isn’t that amazing.


Three. Activity.

Now we need to visually separate those Journals you shared with your private ones in iPhoto app. And of course you’ll want to track all activity on your shared Journals. A way to do that:

Iphoto_7_all-journals_medium Iphoto_8_shared-journals_medium

Shared Journals will get blue ribbon, 1st pic. All of the activity can be tracked through Account page, 2nd pic.

Your personal Account page will be the system to see notifications for reviews posted on every of your Journal plus a shelf for Favorite items and I suppose, list of people you follow.

Four. Story.

When you go to someones Journal, that is what you gonna see.

Iphoto_9_any-journal_medium Iphoto_10_any-journal-ratings_medium

Top of the page with short Journal info and Author Page link – 1st pic. Bottom part with Ratings – on the 2nd.

No need to describe more here, everything on the screenshots.
Authors page will look like this:


Thats it. Pretty simple clear and fun, right.
Plus a lot of useful information about world places now.

Five. One more thing.

To make it right, iPhoto needs more improvements to be made, as long as bugs fixing.

  • Option to overwrite original photo after editing (not just save as new one)
  • Pinching/zooming photos in full view mode in Journals, like original Photos app
  • Ability to put text on photo while editing
  • Video playing (when there is one in a Journal) while in a slideshow mode
  • Time interval options for slideshow
  • Somehow app takes lots of space, even when I tried to delete all journals (needs Cache clean or something)

PS: if you want to stay in the know, with my new updates and improvements, I am @vitaliilevets on twitter

Thanks for reading.