My dissatisfying craving

Ever since I taught myself small basic back in the seventh grade, I've loved the idea of control over what I have. More to the point I love open source. My personal computer, Linux, servers in my office, Linux, my phone (Android), Linux. Same with tablets, I want Android for control over MY things that other OSs' simply can't offer. That is, up until recent.

The iPad mini released and at first, I hated it. Something about the aspect ratio and the size of it simply grossed me out. The outdated hardware was also quite a turn off. Recently though for some unknown reason, it's become quite a lot more appealing to me. Aside from app selection; which to be quite honest I could care less about, what are some pros and cons of getting an iPad mini versus a higher end Android "pocket tablet" like the Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 2 7", etc.?