Next evolution of live tiles

I believe the next evolution of live tiles is interactive live tiles. I will give several examples of the functionality below

Music App: When you swipe to the left on the live tile it will bring up the button for previous song, swipe to the left again to pause the song and again to skip the song and one more time your back to the original live tile with the name of the song and pic. This adheres to the metro guidelines of coming back to the original screen. Now if you swipe to the right you get the same function except in the opposite order. So skip song, pause and then previous.

News App (not an actual app, any app that falls into this category): There's not much functionality that goes into a news app but what the news app could do is pick the most recent 4 articles and allow you to swipe through them with title and first sentence or two appearing. And maybe the person just wants to enter the app so for the news stories there's a read button in the bottom right hand corner that you can press to open to that specific article.

Email app: Again just like the news app allow the user to swipe through the 5 most recent emails and if interested the user can click the email they want to replay to or read. Now I know that some people may just want to open the app and not to a certain email so there's a reply button in the bottom right corner of the app to open it to the email its currently on.

Facebook/ Twitter: Allow you to swipe through the most recent tweets and posts

Local Scout: Allows you to swipe through the 5 closest places

Person Tiles: Allows you to cycle through their most recent posts but you can also swipe through and it gives you the option to email, text or call that person. Maybe this wont be as fast as doing it through the dedicated app but its certainly worth a look into.

I know most people love live tiles, and how they cycle through information for the user to see them. But I feel this allows the user to see what's in the app without ever entering it even more. The tiles will still cycle through information but when you want to see what else is going on you can by never entering the app. I feel if Microsoft doesn't do this it will be a loss of opportunity to truly have the best home screen of any OS.