I recently bought my wife an iPhone5. She loves it. Coming from an HTC Thunderbolt, she misses the big screen size, though the sharp resolution of the smaller screen more than made up for it. As a user of a Galaxy Nexus and former user of a TBolt as well, I understood. She likes the keyboard, I keep making mistake on it. But whatever.

Yesterday, she asked me if there's a way to add the MP3s I've made for her as ringtones. I told her to just press and hold and it should pop up an option to add as ringtone. I'm an iOS noob. I didn't know that it wasn't possible to have add/assign new ringtones without using iTunes. Really? REALLY?

So, my question is, is there a way to use the current mp3s that she has as ringtones? It's much easier to do it on other OSes.