Help Requested: Recorded TV on Android

I want to cut the cord, especially as I plan on moving towards an Android tablet as my primary method of content consumption, but I can't see myself relying exclusively on Netflix, Hulu+, and Google Play to satiate all of my TV-watching desires. As a result, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for setting up a system centered around an OTA antenna, USB TV tuner (I don't have access to any desktops), PVR software, and an Android tablet that would, in theory allow me to easily do the following:

  1. Buy or build an OTA antenna that can access HD programming from NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX
  2. Allow this content to be viewed or recorded on my laptop with Windows Media Center or other PVR software
  3. Set up series recordings on my computer for popular TV shows
  4. Convert these recordings (ideally with as much automation as possible) to a format that can be viewed on Android
  5. Download or stream these recorded videos on my Android devices (again, with as much automation as possible)
In general, I'd like to avoid fiddling with any command line interfaces, though I'm certainly willing to do so if necessary. Thank you in advance, and I eagerly anticipate trying out your suggestions.